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And Incredible Lineup of Talent at CELEBRATING DAVID BOWIE at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas

After hearing that this show was scheduled for Vegas this was on my priority list, as I am a huge David Bowie fan and with the amazing cast in this show it was a must see at any cos, The concert took place on February 27th at the Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas, a perfect venue for this show, with a great stage and lighting along with world class sound, this is one of the best venues in Vegas. The musical director and host of this event was long time Bowie collaborator MIKE GARSON, a pianist who has played more than 1000 shows with Bowie and is responsible for that unforgettable piano sound on "Aladdin Sane". Garson also played piano on the Ziggy Stardust album, and throughout the show Garson would tell little stores and tales of his years on the road and recording with David Bowie.

The show opened up with the song "Disco King" sung by BERNARD FOWLER, who has toured with the Rolling Stones for 30 years now. Fowler has an incredible voice and sang some of the Bowie songs with such passion and feeling that at times you could actually feel him reach deep inside you. Bernard sang one of the all time Bowie classics "Rebel Rebel", and brought the crowd to their feet and the sing along began, and went straight into "Moonage Daydream" and then "Fame". Playing guitar on these songs was EARL SLICK, another long time Bowie collaborator who was brought on to the Diamond Dogs tour to take Mick Ronson's place. Earl also played on the David Live album and also on the Young Americans and Station to Station albums. Earl has toured with David off and on throughout both of their careers.

On the song "Space Oddity" we got our first glimpse of JOE SUMNER, who just happens to have a very famous father in none other than STING. Sumner is a very accomplished singer in his own right and brought some well appreciated energy to the songs he sang on, and when not singing Sumner played guitar in the background. We also got our first glimpse of the only female solo singer of the night when Guatemalan singer GABY MORENO wowed the crowd with her versions on the songs "Five Years" and "Aladdin Sane", then also performed a duet with Bernard Fowler on "Wild Is the Wind".

Playing bass guitar all night was the one and only CARMINE ROJAS, who toured with David on the Serious Moonlight and Glass Spider tours, and has recorded and played with the who’s who of the music world. Also on guitar was the legendairy GERRY LEONARD, who has been a musical director and collaborator with David on Heathen, Reality and The Next Day albums. On drums was a guy who just played amazing, this is the first time we have seen LEE JOHN MADELONI but he nailed each and every song.

The main show itself wound down with "Ziggy Stardust", "Suffragette City", and a song that Bernard Fowler had the entire crowd sing along with him with "All The Young Dudes". The band left the stage for a few minutes before returning for the encore, that consisted of Gerry Leonard doing a solo version of the song "Andy Warhol". Leonard also explained that Warhol and Bowie were not on good terms when the song was written, and he also didn’t like the song at all. The band kicked into "Life On Mars" and then Fowler sang what might be the best version of "Diamond Dogs" I have ever heard. Then of course the show closed on another Bowie anthem, "Heroes", with Fowler singing and Earl Slick on guitar, this was the perfect ending to the Celebration that was David Bowie.

A big thanks to the Brooklyn Bowl staff for hosting such and amazing night of music and celebration.

Celebrating David Bowie: Photos by Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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