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BUCKCHERRY made their return to Vegas, with a show at the Brooklyn Bowl at the Line Promenade touring in support of their new CD Warpaint, and supporting them on the bill were the bands JOYOUS WOLF, CRASH MIDNIGHT and MIGRANT MOTEL.

Migrant Motel is out of Boston but currently based in Los Angeles, and are an interesting band, normally a duo but on this tour had a trio on stage. Their sound is raw and gritty, and many of you would recognize their song "New Religion" from a TV spot.The band is comprised of David Stewart, the US-raised/Peruvian frontman on vocals, bass & guitar and Chava/drums & live loops from Mexico. its too bad some of the crowd arrived late, they missed a great powerful opening act with Migrant Hotel. This band is one that is definitely going places.

Crash Midnight is another band out of Boston now based in Las Vegas, a high energy band with that throwback sound to the good old Sunset Strip days, and call themselves "a collision of classic 70′s festival rock with a punk swagger". Crash Midnight is Shaun Soho - lead vocals, Alex Donaldson - lead/rhythm guitars, Jon "Woz" Wozniak - bass guitar, Alex Drake - guitars and Jon Papineau - drums, and the band gave a high energy in your face performance that was a great lead in for the next two bands coming up.

Very few bands storm the stage with the ferocity and energy that Joyous Wolf brings to each and every show! Joyous Wolf has only been around since 2014 and already are turning heads and garnering attention of those throughout the industry, and has Nick Reese on vocals, as well as Blake Allard on guitar, Greg Braccio on bass, and Robert Sodaro on drum duties. Nick Reese hit the Brooklyn Bowl stage and proceeded to do a backflip, which set the tone for the show we were about to see. Nick is a very charismatic singer who tried his best to get the crowd into the show, and near the end he asked them to clear a path in the middle of the crowd, and he jumped off the stage and started dancing and engaging those around him on the floor. Joyous Wolf is puts the energy in 'high energy' and is something to see, and the fans love the interaction the band gives and gives it back.

Buckcherry took to the stage they opened up their show with the NIN song "Head Like A Hole", and that turned lots of heads, but the crowd really got into it and sang along with the band. Vocalist Josh Todd strutted across the stage, shaking a tambourine, and they got the crowd fired up with a sing along "Its A Party", and the rocking based "Bent", which sounded amazing and is one of my favs. They followed up with the first song off the new CD Warpaint called "Radio Song", a very well crafted song that should do very well on playlists across the country. Josh took a moment to explain before they start the next song, that it is about the very first time he used cocaine which as expected brought roars from the crowd as the band hit their groove with "Lit Up". Todd is really showcased on this song, as he dances in his distinct style back and forth across the stage while singing how he loves the cocaine, classic Buckcherry at their best. It seems at this show Josh was a bit more racy, and you could tell he was enjoying the reaction it got from the crowd. Buckcherry closed out their set with "Crazy Bitch" and took a brief encore, before returning and closing out the night with "Say Fuck It", and for this show the band sounded tight and polished, and was one of their best performances I have seen. Check them out on the tour with info and dates HERE , and don't miss them when they come back to Vega for a free show downtown at the Fremont Street Experience on AUGUST 17.

Buckcherry Setlist:

Head Like a Hole It's a Party


Radio Song

Lit Up

Porno Star

Right Now

Tight Pants

Too Drunk...



Somebody Fucked With Me

Crazy Bitch Encore:

Say Fuck It



Place in Time

Holy Driver

Had Enough

Said Too Much

Slow Hand

The Mechanic

Mother Rebel

Quiet Heart

Buckcherry photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Joyous wolf photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Crash Midnight photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Migrant Hotel photos from Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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