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BEEN WRONG SO LONG IT LOOKS LIKE RIGHT TO ME: The Surreal and Satyrical Collages of Winston Smith : A Retrospective June 15th - Aug 12th


The Surreal and Satyrical Collages of Winston Smith Featuring:  

A Retrospective of the Art of Winston SmithJune 15th - Aug 12th 

ORIGINAL ART (approximately 100 PIECES) including “Idol” from 1977 as featured the cover of Dead Kennedys In God We Trust, Inc. and Green Day’s Insomniac album artwork, “God Told Me To Skin You Alive” 1995.

Exclusive merchandise will be available including t-shirts, tote bags,

limited edition prints, and more!

The opening party will be on June 15th, presented by Laurel Canyon Spirits and Bryan Ray Turcotte, 8pm-10pm.

Punk-surrealist Winston Smith has been crafting provocative collage art since the 1970s when he returned after nearly seven years abroad and was astonished by the complacency of the American public toward the role of corporate enterprise.  He took the “happy” icons of the 1940s magazine ads and created political art that challenges the viewer to confront the political paradoxes of modern society.

Since 1980, his collaborations with Dead Kennedys became widely known and his art beloved for its humorous social commentary.  The “DK” logo that Smith designed for the band remains the international symbol of protest against authoritarianism. His album covers, inserts and flyers served as a beacon for burgeoning political artists.

Smith’s art has been on over 50 album covers for recording artists Green Day, Burning Brides, Ben Harper, Jello Biafra, George Carlin and many more.

For more information about Winston Smith click here!


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