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The second to last show of DECAPITATED's CANCER CULTURE OVER NORTH AMERICA tour was a massive SOLD OUT turnout Saturday night at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco, California, as the band continues touring for 2022's Cancer Culture release.

ALLEGAEON opened up the night. Many claps were clapped, a Colorado flag was waved in the pit and the crowd was grooving throughout their entire set. A solid performance from these dudes that fully charged the crowd for KATAKYLSM.

KATAKYLSM put security to the test by inviting fans onto the stage. Bodies were flying in ALL directions. The DNA Lounge briefly turned into an absolute MAD HOUSE. In the midst of the nonstop chaos on stage, it actually fucked up their set - which made it even more amazing. The best way to describe their performance was PURE INSANITY. The pit was a nonstop turning wheel of super charged energy.

Greek gods, SEPTICFLESH, brought the best stage decor. A giant banner above hung above Kerim Lechner’s drumset  and evil side stage panels stood high behind Christos Antoniou and Dinos Prassas, and gave SEPTICFLESH an edge to their brutal, ancient symphonic set. Spiros Antoniou probably said “San Francisco” 80 times because he was so pumped to be in the Bay. And, (in my opinion) hearing “The Vampire from Nazareth” and “Anubis” live was the greatest part of the evening. A HUGE highlight of the night and a powerful performance that easily could have blown Zeus’s eardrums out. 

Now, let’s talk about DECAPITATED. Wow. I’m pretty sure Rafał Piotrowski’s dreads hit the mosh pit from the stage. Brutal, intense nonstop Polish death metal. They played over their set time for the SOLD OUT crowd - they really give the Bay a dose of DECAPITATED goodness.

Everyone sounded perfect and in sync. This show was on another level and not one to be missed. The US tour winds down with one more show in LA, and then picks back up in June in Europe. More on Decapitated including international tour dates HERE.

DECAPITATED photos : Katie Lewellyn

SEPTIC FLESH photos : Katie Lewellyn

KATAKYLSM photos : Katie Lewellyn

ALLEGAEON photos : Katie Lewellyn

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27 juin
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these are some sick photos of the crowd....crazy show

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