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ESCAPE THE FATE : Out Of The Shadows Into The Bright Lights of Vegas

Escape the Fate brought the Out Of The Shadows tour to a hometown show at Brooklyn Bowl in Vegas, and the show was wild. The tour lineup featured Garzi, Stitched Up Heart, Point North and D.R.U.G.S., and the place filled up early as the crowd came to catch them all.

Stitched up Heart had a loud and loyal fan base out front when they hit the stage, and brought the visceral power of their most recent release To The Wolves to their set. The band has moved into a heavier and darker arena with this new material, with a collaboration with Escape the Fate’s Craig Mabbitt on the record too. (More on Stitched Up Hearts set HERE).

It was great to see Craig Owens back and live on stage with a reincarnated D.R.U.G.S., supporting second album Destroy Rebuild released in 2022 after a ten year hiatus. The band seems to vary on the live lineup somewhat, but Owens has put together new music and taking his touring members (including Jona Weinhofen (Bring Me The Horizon) and Aaron Patrick (All That Remains) out on the road and showcasing the new tunes. Wanna hear More? HERE.

Point North featuring lead singer Jon Lundin, guitarist Andy Hersey, and drummer Sage Weeber, have pushed the envelope with their second record Prepare for Despair, with a heavier direction and a charting single “Safe and Sound”. Check out the album HERE.

Escape The Fate released their 8th studio album Out Of The Shadows just this past September on Big Noise Records, and the namesake tour showcases the new music as well as career spanning faves. The band has had a few lineup changes in the past few years, and now settled the dust as a four piece (on tour) with long time vocalist Craig Mabbitt, founding member Robert Ortiz on drums, Matti Hoffman on lead guitar, and Erik Jensen on bass.

ETF came out hard hitting with “Forgive Me” from the new release, and really gave Vegas a show, and Babbitt looked to be having a great time, laughing and smiling and the crowd sang and screamed along. ETF really kept the energy high, and played a solid 17 song set, with several more new songs from Out Of The Shadows (including most recent single and video “Cheers to Goodbye"), and also reaching back to “The Flood” and “Gorgeous Nightmare from earlier days. The new lineup gave a fresh take on their live show, Hoffman was front and center showcasing his guitar prowess (and solo) while Jensen bounced from side to side of the stage and Mabbitt kept the crowd engaged, and really had fun up there. The new album seems a tad lighter, as the name suggests, and the show reflected a band with a renewed energy.

Check out Escape The Fate upcoming dates, music, merch HERE.

Escape the fate Photos : / Jo Anna Jackson


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Oct 13, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

great pics! The show was really good! but getting to the bowl in the traffic sucked

Oct 13, 2023
Replying to

yeah it does, that race is a hazard

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