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We returned to The Industrial Sound LV this week, and got a taste of their indoor venue for the first time, and a stacked night of great rock-n-roll bands. Saliva is out on tour with Drowning Pool, Any Given Sin and Adelitas Way, and the fans really turned out to see a great lineup.

ANY GIVEN SIN are touring in support of their 2023 debut cd WAR WITHIN, and the songs they sing are about deep, dark and personal feelings, with the message that you are not alone. The band has garnered over 22 million streams already, and it was great to see them live. Highlights of their short but powerful set were "Dynamite" and "Another Life". Check out more music HERE.

It was great to see local boys ADELITAS WAY return to LV, it's been awhile since I have seen these guys. Adelita's Way has been around for 17 years, and are still grinding it out on tour, this time with Saliva. One of the more appropriate songs they played, due to the current climate, was “Ready for War, Pray for Peace”. The local crowd were there in full support of these guys, and they thanked everyone for coming out on a Wednesday night to support them. Solid band, great songs, welcome home Adelitas Way. More on the band HERE.

DROWNING POOL absolutely crushed it at the Industrial Sound. Vocalist Ryan McCombs (who also is the vocalist for the band Soil) was totally engaging with the crowd, and made them feel as if they are part of the band. The set was classic Drowning Pool, and they opened the show with the fan favorite “Sinner”, and covered Billy Idol's hit “Rebel Yell'' and crowd singing in unison with the band. In a political moment, Ryan told the crowd that it was time for the silent majority to stop being so goddamn silent, and also told the big crowd that the music starts and ends with (fans) and thanked everyone for coming out on a Wednesday night, with “You make this happen!!”. A highlight of the show was the way Drowning Pool delivered the song “Tear Away” - Ryan gets up close, leaning into the crowd while staring at each and every one of the fans, and just made this song so personal. The band closed out their set with the monster hit “Bodies”, and Ryan jumped into the crowd and sang the song with all the fans - a memorable performance.

SALIVA is a band I totally love, and vocalist Bobby Amaru is one of my favorites and always delivers a passionate and powerful performance. This was the first show I have seen them play since the untimely death of guitarist Wayne Swinny this past spring, and on guitar was Sebastion LeBar, who did an amazing job. I was disappointed that drummer Sammi Jo Bishop was in the dark during the show, but she is a beast, delivered a monstrous performance on the drums. She and bassist Brad Stewart (Shinedown, Fuel) are a perfect match and make a powerful rhythm section.

Saliva started their set with "Come Back Stronger" a seeming ode to the future, and right into "Ladies and Gentlemen", and Saliva was coming in hot. The crowd was loving it, the outdoor stage was really a showplace for Saliva to show their strength live. In the middle of their set the band played "Doperide" featuring snippets of “In the Air Tonight", "Another Brick in the Wall", and "Give it Away”. Closing out their set the band played their biggest hits “Your Disease" and "Click Click Boom”, a monster hit for the band.

Saliva is touring in support of their 2023 CD Revelations, the final record that Swinny played on before his untimely passing. The CD and tour are the band's way of paying their final respects to the last original member of the band, with proceeds from each show going to Wayne's daughter. This was a truly emotional show for Saliva, as they carry on the tradition left by Wayne and others who helped make this band what they are today. More on Revelations, music, merch and tour dates HERE.


Come Back Stronger

Saliva photos : Harold Mountain / JustAfanPhotos

Drowning Pool: Harold Mountain / JustAfanPhotos

Adlitas Way photos: Harold Mountain / JustAfanPhotos

Any Given SIn Photos: Harold Mountain / JustAfanPhotos

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18 oct. 2023
Noté 5 étoiles sur 5.

Saliva was really good glad to see them back


18 oct. 2023
Noté 5 étoiles sur 5.

Glad there is a new venue we need some local rock shows on a bigger stage

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