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“Woo Hoo Family” was the chant throughout the night at the Backstage Bar & Billiards on April 18th as the SUMMON THE MAJIK NINJAS TOUR made a stop in downtown Las Vegas. The BB&B is no stranger to hosting these types of events, as just 2 months ago they hosted Juggalo Weekend.

Kicking off the show was local JO JO BLAST, a talented young rapper who also performs from time to time with NE LAST WORDS. Next was a young rapper who talents are skyrocketing and knows no limits - DONNIE MENACE is going to be a big star with his shows getting better and better each time we see him. Donnie is smooth, fast and knows what he is doing, and iis the best local rapper, and soon to be a worldwide sensation.

GORILLA VOLTAGE to me was the best act on the bill, they are unbelievable good - fast, non stop and in your face. I have not seen a group like this in a long time playing Vegas, these guys are the real deal and should be back headlining their own tour very soon.

Next was the return of BLAZE YA DEAD HOMIE. Blaze is an interesting character who is pure juggalo, and came out wearing a digital alarm clock with a flashing 1:87 on it. Blaze’s style is gangsta rap and horrorcore, and is a big draw with the crowd singing and moshing to his show.

One of the bigger rap acts that come through Vegas, TWIZTID is a rap duo from Michigan, and is pure horrorcore rap at its finest, and they usually have one of the better stage and light shows of any rap act playing in Vegas. At times they have even played with a full band, but on this night it was just the 2 of them. With white and black painted faces Twiztid hops and moves about the stage and in between songs they like to tell stories that their fans can relate to. These guys are very comical at times onstage with hug grins as they put on a show only they can. This was a night for the true hip hop / rap fans of this type of music, and always a good time. I am sure we will see these guys in the late fall once again.

Jo Jo Blast Photos by Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Donnie Menace Photos by Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Gorilla Voltage Photos by Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Blaze Ya Dead Homie Photos by Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

Twizted Photos by Harold Mountain / JustAFanPhotos

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